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 on the ultimate journey for body and mind

BELAQVA is an urban wonderland of abundant health and joy. Unique to Brașov, the BELAQVA spa is a perfect escape for the tired traveler of today, for our hotel guests and the day to day spa consumers. Our treatment menu is based on a holistic hands-on approach, bringing together western techniques of therapy with the essential beliefs and methods of Aromatherapy.

We have the perfect elements guaranteeing a memorable experience: aroma and chromotherapy, delicate scents, essential oils and rare minerals. Revive and let your senses be carried away in one of our 10 treatment rooms. Experience Collarium, the most modern tanning trend, which combines collagen with UV light.


We devoted time outlining a concept that combines elements of comfort, an atmosphere of calm, with a seductive ambience. BELAQVA means ‘beauty of water’, a vital element of nature, whose amazing shapes and properties aim to return a completely healed body, physically and emotionally.

For the first time in Romania, we have introduced two brands with award-winning product lines, celebrated in the multisensory spa world: Aromatherapy Associates and Voya. We invite you to pause your journey’s routine for a few moments and enjoy a well deserved getaway.


Based on wonderful hand-harvested seaweed, certified organic, knowledge of the local traditions of seaweed baths and seaweed treatments and generations of acquired wisdom about the sea, VOYA products strive to bring you the full power of nature in its purest forms. Designed to delight and purify your body.


Found at some of the world’s most luxurious spas, Aromatherapy Associates therapeutic essential oils transform your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – leaving you with with radiant skin. Experience this exquisitely scented line at BELAQVA spa, with the brand’s bath and shower oils. For more information, please contact